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Friday, September 2



Happy weekend, everyone :) hope that I didn't scare you off with my [semi] homage to the great Rebecca Black...

....just kidding. Although I for one couldn't be more excited that it's Friday! I sure am looking forward to a three day weekend, spent with the engineer. And friends. And HOKIE football.

"alicia, you really need to cool it with the all-caps."
got it. done.

Anyways. What are y'all lookin' forward to this weekend? As I've mentioned over and over this week once or twice, us Hokies have our season opener against Appalachian State tomorrow. I am sooo excited, I cannot even begin to tell you! 

this is basically Christmas for me

Tomorrow will be spent, for us, in a hazy/sunny/tailgate-y stupor. Fall is definitely my favorite season [and not just because my wedding is next fall] but because I love so so so much the foliage, the crisp air, and, duh, college football. It's such a great way to reconnect with my old college friends and spend the day outside; I honestly think that everyone needs to experience an excellent tailgate at least once in their lifetime. 

So tell me, friends. What do you all have planned for this weekend? Is football involved? 

maybe some romantical kisses?

Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope that you have a fabulous time! Stay safe, enjoy the 3 days off of life, and have fun :)


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