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Monday, August 22

welcome to domestic*dallyings!

hi everyone! & welcome to my blog, domestic*dallyings. i've been toying around with the idea of creating a blog for some time now, and figured....alicia, JUST GO FOR IT! it's my hope that this blog will serve not only as self-inspiration, but as inspiration for all you out there as well! before i dive into this headfirst, let me talk a little more about what i hope to achieve writing this:

1. food inspiration
*food is something that i've always had a huge passions for. it's what makes me happy when i'm sad, turns my day around and just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) i'm definitely the type of girl that reads cookbooks for fun, surfs the web for recipes to test, and [of course] LOVES to eat. i find that the best memories are often those formed around a kitchen table, spent with those you love. i will be sharing with you my culinary creations, both those that i've thrown together on a whim, those that have been done by-the-book, and those that have been tweaked and/or modified in some way, shape, or form.
[& for those of you out there that like to know where said recipes come from, i'll be sure to include all the specifics]
most of my cooking i do in my tiny little kitchen, puppy underfoot and fiance lounging by the counter. it's a tight space in our little bungalow of a house, but i coulnd't imagine anything more perfect. knowing that i'm cooking for someone who loves me [and my food] is one of the most heartwarming feels for this gal.

2. home inspiration
*this is something that i am drawn to as well. i graduated college with a bachelor's degree in design, so my house and how it looks is something that i take seriously. VERY seriously. although i am the first to admit that....well...sometimes my projects are slow going [for example; walk into my living room and you will see 4 paint colors on the wall - we've got the final color, just haven't had time to do it! i blame the humidity]. i have an eye for all things pretty, and adore mixing colors, textures, patterns, style and everything in between. i am a firm believer that your personal style is a reflection of how you live your life and your personality, so i am doing my best to make sure that our house honestly reflects who we are.
....so what can you expect to see about this? design ideas, for one. i am always looking for DIY projects that will enhance spaces, and clever ways to make small spaces seem roomier. i'll also share some personal ideas, before-&-afters of said projects, and products that i think are helpful. sounds like a hodge-podge of wonderful, if you ask me :)

3. novel & reading suggestions
*now, i don't know about y'all, but i am a reader. always have been, and always will be. while i don't have the time to read like i used to, i still try to find the time to squeeze in a couple books on a semi-regular basis. i want to share what i read, and what i think. and hopefully this will provide some inspiration to add to your shelves.
...you can find me on goodreads, too!

4. wedding ideas
*now, this is not a wedding blog, nor do i intend to [ever] turn it into one. but, seeing as i am newly engaged, i might just not be able to help myself at times :) hopefully, for those of you out there in the same boat as yours truly, i can provide a good idea, a lovely product....or even just a smile.
....i won't get too carried away, i promise!

every now and then, don't be surprised if i throw something out there that is completely random. the idea behind this blog is to bring our your inner domestic goddess, and sometimes it could be something you wouldn't expect. i'm excited to share this journey with y'all, as i continue to hone my skills and turn into the best *domestic goddess* that i can be. cheers!

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